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Camille Loses 15kg by Applying the Advice

Camille Loses 15kg by Applying the Advice

Here is the beauty of the internet and one of the reasons this blog exists: to make an impact in the lives of people living on the other side of the world without ever having met them.

Today an interview a little different so, because it is a virtual athlete of the Anti-Salle of Sport Training Academy in Nantes who was kind enough to answer my questions: Camille! Although she lives thousands of miles from here, following the advice of the blog, she lost 15kg in 8 months (July 2012 to March 2013) as evidenced by the photos below. Camille has not yet achieved her goals but what is certain is that she has managed to gain the upper hand on herself by changing her lifestyle and is on the right road to achieve a great transformation . Congratulations to you Camille and keep going !! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hi Camille, could you introduce yourself please?

Hi Thomas ! So Camille, 23 years old, a student in business and currently in training in Australia for a few more weeks! Thank you again for offering me this interview

What made you want to take control of your body?

A good big click a few months ago that told me it was more possible! I was a good athlete until I was 16 years old and then injured and unable to continue the sport I loved (gymnastics). So since then the kilos have settled to arrive at a total of …. + 26kilos … I have more or less tried to lose during the last 4-5 years but without great motivation. Then the arrival in Australia. And I realized that I was struggling to make my laces and take 3 steps without being out of breath. So I decided to have a new lifestyle that went through the plate but also by the sport. (In addition Australian in general are very very sporty, it helps too!)

Before that, were you sporty? enrolled in a gym? If so, what did you do when you went there and what was your goal?

I was very athletic until I was 16, I was doing gymnastics at a good level. I got hurt and was forced to stop. I tried some sports after like tennis and after another injury I still had to stop (thank you cardboard shoulders!). After being no longer well in my body and wanting to lose weight I enrolled in a gym and I was motivated for a few weeks doing some classes, the elliptical and after that I was more in the jacuzzi rather than lose calories!

You live in Australia, so you are a “virtual” athlete of the anti-hall. How do you organize to do your sessions?

System D is the basis of my training! I will not buy materials because I already have too many things and I do not know how I will repatriate all that. BRIEF! I enrolled in a gym to access treadmills and dumbbells. So when I have time I go (the weekend). My sessions are always varied but I do a lot of running at intervals, I am especially looking to melt legs (already well muscled), then also sessions inspired by the blog with the equipment available.

During the week it is there that it complicates a little. I leave my apartment at 7am to return to 22h (my internship + a job to save money) so the time I do not have much. So I’m just doing a little session of 12 to 20 minutes at night, taking inspiration from blog posts. As for the material is home: bottles filled with water or sand, a big book very heavy, finally what I have on hand!

For what reason (s) did you get started in the blog sessions?

Because it’s convenient and you can do it everywhere! Including all sessions body weight is perfect for me who trains at home without too much equipment (by cons I have a little cat so it’s not yet for the bags of kibble 15kilos

And then all the articles are written with great candor and the good words that always keep the motivation in order to achieve our goals.