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Benefits Of Cosmetic Injectables

After the age of 20, a womans skin starts showing the common and general signs of aging. The process of facial aging is a continuous process and continues throughout your lifetime. However, the advances progressions and changes under and above the skin start to appear prominently after 20-22 years and

Essential Oils 3 Recipes To Soothe Burns And Sunburns

Recipes To Soothe Burns And Sunburns

A superficial burn? It may be time to call on essential oils! Lavender aspic, tea-tree ... Here are 3 effective recipes. Boiling water, iron or simply  sunlight :  skin burns are the most common household accident. Those of the first degree only affect the epidermis and are manifested by redness and heat. This is the classic sunburn . Second degree burn destroys the

How To Cure a Wart With a Clove Of Garlic?

Cure a Wart With a Clove Of Garlic

Warts usually go away spontaneously but can become painful when they nestle under the soles of the feet. Garlic can help to overcome it, provided it is used in small doses. The benefits of garlic are known since the Egyptians! His secret boot? It is allicin, an extremely active compound that is formed when

Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology

The transpersonal psychology is interested in  non-ordinary states  of consciousness: the ecstasy, the sense of connection with the universe, the acute awareness of his inner being, mysticism, etc. Although they are often regarded with suspicion, these states would not only be healthy, but would represent the actualization of the higher needs of the human being. As the

Psychogenealogy Or Family Therapy What Is It?

Psychogenealogy Or Family Therapy What Is It

Birthday syndrome, family secrets, rehearsals, family history? In this article, you will discover in a few key points what psychogenealogy is, what it is, who practices it, how a typical session is and to whom it is addressed to know if this therapeutic method corresponds to your needs. What is psychogenealogy? Psychogenealogy or

Holistic Gymnastics

Holistic Gymnastics

Although Holistic Gymnastics is akin to anti-polymnastics, it is distinguished by the restructuring work that occurs on the whole body rather than only on the posterior muscle chain , as is the case in antigymnastics. The three premises of holistic gymnastics If it is offered favorable conditions, the body has the intrinsic capacity