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Do This For Only 6 Minutes Each Day – Here What Happens To Belly Fat

Here What Happens To Belly Fat

Many people confuse the term core and think it’s the same as abs but they are actually very different. The nucleus is a broader term and includes the abs, glutes (buttocks), lower back muscles and hips.
As a result, core training will improve body posture, relieve lower back pain, boost athletic performance, and help prevent injury.
The following exercise plan will work wonders for your body and belly fat!
Day 1

The first part involves 3 simple exercises, and you will only need 5 minutes to do them. For those more ambitious, repeat this routine twice.
Exercise # 1: Skyscraper – 10 per Side
Exercise # 2: Windshield Wiper – 10 per Side
Exercise # 3: Army Ramp – 36 Steps

The plan for the second day consists of 4 stimulating movements that will take only 5 minutes of your time. Again, repeat the set once more for an additional challenge.
Exercise # 1: Breakdancer – 15 per side
Exercise # 2: Parachutist – Hold for 30 seconds
Exercise # 3: Dead Bug – 10 Repetitions
Exercise # 4: Thread the Needle – 10 per side
Day 3

On the third day, you will have to perform 4 extremely difficult basic exercises in a fast 6-minute circuit.
Exercise # 1: Crab enters Superman – 6 per side
Exercise # 2: Raising a star leg – 10 per side
Exercise # 3: Side V-ups – 10 per side
Exercise # 4: Over / under 10 per side
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