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How To Cure a Wart With a Clove Of Garlic?

Cure a Wart With a Clove Of Garlic

Warts usually go away spontaneously but can become painful when they nestle under the soles of the feet. Garlic can help to overcome it, provided it is used in small doses.

The benefits of garlic are known since the Egyptians! His secret boot? It is allicin, an extremely active compound that is formed when the pod is cut or crushed. Allicin confers not only garlic its particular smell but also its antiviral properties. Its action is proven against papillomavirus, the family of viruses responsible for warts .


Apply on the wart a paste of raw garlic, crushed or slightly crushed. You can add a little oil or drop directly a few drops of garlic oil. Cover with an adhesive bandage and keep in place all night. The next morning, rinse thoroughly and clean the wart with a mild soap. Apply only an adhesive bandage for the day. This operation is to be repeated until the wart is completely detached.


• The irritating juice of garlic also attacks healthy skin. Also, it is better to protect the surrounding area of ​​the wart with nail polish or a bandage specially designed to protect the corns (they are round dressings with a hole in the middle).