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How to extract cell-free DNA from Plasma through Extraction kit

Extraction kit

The precision oncology disease is predicted after detecting the specific genomic alterations and then monitoring their adaptive evolution at the time of cancer treatment to counter resistance. Due to the spatial and temporal heterogenecity and the problems associated with getting the tumor tissues, mainly in the case of the metastatic disease like cancer, the traditional methods have been proved impractical for tissue extraction. Thus, with the modern technology and extraction kits, the cancer tissues are located and identified in the body of the patient.

In these days, cancer in the body is detected with the help of the cell-free DNA. It helps in informing the doctor regarding the tumor burden, tumor genetics and other mechanisms and drug resistance. The cell-free DNA is found in the bloodstream. This is extracted from the biological sample in the form of blood sample or serum to detect the disease and find out the perfect research applications like real-time PCR, next-generation sequencing and digital sequencing. There are various extraction kits available in the market that helps in the extraction of the DNA from the blood stream through which the doctor can determine whether the patient is having cancer or not. If you want to know more about the cell-free DNA extraction kit, you can visit the link.

One efficient Cell-free DNA purification kit is mainly designed for fast and effective isolation of the circulating cell-free DNA. In the extraction, silica-coated paramagnetic particles are utilized for the purification of cell-free DNA from less than 1 ml and even more than 10ml of blood serum. In this system, the buffers are developed in such a manner that it helps in the recovery of 100-500 bp DNA fragments for maximizing total recovery of cell-free DNA. The recovered DNA is utilized in various applications like the NGS, qPCR etc.

There are various scalable kits available. This means, in such kits, you can use the beads and the reagents that you require for the cDNA extraction. Thus, it implies that the number of extractions done per kit is very dependent on the amount of blood sample you take to purify the DNA from.

 Features of a good cell-free extraction kit

Here are some of the features of the scalable extraction kit. They are described as below-

  1. The kit contains purified DNA that is suitable for the NGS, PCR and another extraction process
  2. Fast and huge amount of cell-free DNA recovery
  3. The kit contains automatic compatible and non-toxic chemical reagents
  4. The scalable kit helps to collect the sample volume inputs up to about 10 ml of blood serum.

This cell-free extraction kit is helpful in getting the cell-free DNA from the blood sample in an efficient manner. You should always buy the kit that is affordable, that is offering automation extraction process and provides versatile services to the users. The kit should be reproducible and it should be genuine as well. Thus, with the help of the right type of extraction kit, you can get the cell-free DNA from a sample.