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How To Run To Lose Weight Sustainably!

Run To Lose Weight Sustainably

How to run to lose weight sustainably Not really my usual type of article … But I always laugh when I see some of the magazines once the spring comes and who advocate diets that I call the c **. You know these yoyo diets made of drastic food sacrifices, in total frustration with a result in the short term and that even gives a negative effect on the long run? First, it is to be in good health that should be the real goal, no? Lose weight will be the consequence in the long term … In short, as a joke I offer you my opinion, I believe in sports to lose weightand running is obviously the number one option! I will try to give you two three keys to do well and understand how to run to lose weight sustainably!

How to run to lose weight sustainably

This article is based on a personal opinion, to take as such! By simply attaching myself to being in better shape, without ever weighing me down, I found myself losing 5 kg (with a base weight of 67kg for 1m79, it’s a nice percentage!). I have never felt tired, I have not melted muscularly, I always have my qualities of speed and power in the race and I have progressed in running, in short I do not see any significant inconvenience to follow what I will tell you below. For many it will appear as basic. This is the case, I am not an expert, I simply report what I can do everyday, the effects that it has on me, hoping to help some feel better in their body!

How to run to lose weight in 3 tips

Running to lose weight, but not only! Running is good but just running to lose weight is not enough. Because the rule to lose weight is very simple in the end and it has nothing to do with running … Losing weight is to spend more calories than it consumes . Just keep it in mind and the 3 principles that I will discuss you will seem very logical. Here are some of the tips for running well, and for running well to lose weight sustainably!

1 / Running slowly makes you lose weight!

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There is a lot of misconception that you burn fat from 45 minutes of effort or that there is no point in running, the intensity is too low to lose weight … Ideal to discourage Beginners in running … With what I say above you will understand that it is wrong … At the pace of jogging, we spend a lot of calories (between 600 to 900 per hour depending on many parameters) . These are calories that your body would have stored as fat if you did not use them.

And to lose fat, run slowly works. The aerobic system uses fat in its operation all the time. Running 30mn is therefore effective for burning fat … But ONLY if you run in fundamental endurance and not faster! Go read this article to understand what it is . Running to lose weight is running slowly! Following the tips for starting well in running I give you here is ideal for losing weight sustainably. Once accustomed, stabilize your outings around 45 ‘and have fun, enjoy to decompress, run is made for that!

PS: Running is not the only option, when starting from a rather high weight the race hurts the body, start with a sport worn as I talk about in the article on cross training is also very effective for fundamental endurance!

2 / Make intensity

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Although running slowly is an indispensable foundation, it is not enough. You must also have more intense sessions in your program! Intense training is essential to unlock fat cells and lose weight. It does not take much time, it can be done at home and without equipment! I’m talking about HICT exercises or High Itensity Cardio Training . I present this program here on the blog . Also known as the Tabata method these sessions, carried out thoroughly, will allow you to burn a lot of fat, during but also after training, that’s why they are precious!

Made 2 to 3 x a week and integrating it in the long term, it is an ideal complement to the race to lose weight! For hard runners, know that short training (like 200m or 30/30) is also effective because it works at supra-maximum intensity (105% VMA). But to use in moderation because very tiring for the body and therefore increases the risk of injury.

3 / Food rebalancing

How to run to lose weight sustainably

No diet, especially not! I deprive myself of NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. That’s why it’s sustainable. But essential for all that! I am talking about food rebalancing. The goal is not to totally remove the bad things that are so good for morale. The goal is to transform its closets and replace the most bad by good! More vegetables? Yes, but finding recipes to integrate and love them! Fewer cookies and other industrially processed foods for snacks? Possible by replacing them with quality foods such as seasonal fruits accompanied by a handful of almonds / walnuts / hazelnuts …

Cereals yes, but not any, exit the one that contains more sugar than anything else … Chocolate side too , I do not deprive myself but changed habits … In short it is not an article on how to eat well . Be aware that I started to get interested in this by reading Endurance Nutrition a book very well done and that takes the basics! If you want my more detailed opinion on how to eat better to run better, this is in this article !