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Nothing Can Beat an Expert Opinion

Nothing Can Beat an Expert Opinion

Of all the five other senses, hearing is one of the most precious. It plays a significant role in the way you communicate with the rest of the world.  The thought of hearing helps in conveniently staying connected with the people around us. So, the moment you feel that you are facing any problem in hearing; you should immediately go for a quality consultation. There are many trusted clinics of which Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology is one.

Get the best consultation

Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology is one of the renowned clinics that help you to regain the control of your life through their excellent and advanced hearing services. They adopt a sophisticated hearing technology that helps to bring clarity in your speech. Their professionally trained staffs provide you the best Hearing Consultation Washington. They counsel you on effective communication strategies that make your day to day communication with your near and dear ones a lot easier.  So, if you have hearing loss don’t waste any further time instead book an appointment with them at the earliest to avail the best of the treatment?

Types of hearing loss

The human ear is a sensitive organ. Our ear works based on several delicate mechanisms and any sight disorder can cause damage to hearing. Generally speaking, there are two basic types of hearing problem namely:

  • Conductive hearing loss – This is a result of some problem in the outer and middle ear. In this case, the sound is not able to penetrate the inner ear and thus leads to loss of hearing. Some of the common causes are the accumulation of wax in the ear canal, the buildup of fluid in the middle ear, broken bones of the middle ear and perforated eardrums. In this case, the sound that you hear becomes faint but not distorted. It can be medically treated.
  • Sensor neural hearing loss – This is caused by the damage of the nerve fibers or sensory cells in the inner ear. Once damaged they cannot be repaired. Thus this is a non-curable problem. It affects the process of sound transmission. Excessive noise and aging are the two common causes. This problem not only makes the sound quality faint but also deteriorates its quality. This makes it difficult to follow any conversation or speech.

It is possible that you suffer from a mixed hearing loss problem, which is a combination of both.

The latest variety

When you go for a Hearing Consultation Washington, you will get to know from the experts that there are different types of hearing aids available like totally invisible aids fitted in the ear canal, behind the ear devices, custom molded devices, etc. Most of these hearing aids are based on digital technology that helps in amplifying the sound and improve your hearing. These digital hearing aids are designed in such a way that they collect the surrounding sounds with the help of small microphones. They also have a tiny chip along with an amplifier that converts the audio into digital code and helps you rectify the hearing process.