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Perfect Options for the Proper hairstyle

Perfect Options for the Proper hairstyle

If a visit to the hairdresser is synonymous with relaxation for some, it is rather a stress for others. Several people say they are dissatisfied with their hairdresser, but do not dare to change their fear of being disappointed. It is nevertheless possible to spot a good hairdresser before he even touches the scissors! Here are our tips for choosing a good hairdresser with whom the power goes.

A Special Wish

The hairdresser may be a connoisseur in the field, the disappointment is assured if you are unable to identify what you want. Some cuts or colors – we think here of blond – require more maintenance. Once back from the show, we must be ready to take our decision and to do what is necessary to maintain our hair. Obviously, a good hairdresser will listen and advise us. It is by discussing that you learn to trust him, and he, to understand what you will like. You can find the best barber shop Toronto services easily now.

A Headbutt

Whether to change to platinum blonde or cut several inches of her hair, a good hairdresser will ask questions to prevent this being a whim that will regret later. A haircut must first reveal our personality traits, not necessarily transform us into someone unrecognizable.

Your Type Of Hair

A gifted hairdresser will be interested in your hair type because it directly influences the cut and the evolution of it. After observing your hair, the hairdresser will also consider these criteria: the complexion of your skin, the shape of your face, as well as the pigmentation, texture and general condition of the hair. A good hairdresser will not hesitate to observe you from several angles taking his time to properly assess your morphology.

Your Habits

What is your dress style? Are you more classic or eccentric? Do you spend several minutes to complete your morning setting? These are details that influence how your hairdresser will advise you. Your new color should be consistent with your everyday style. If you change the cut, as much as it fits well in your routine so that you are satisfied!

We try to make an appointment the week, preferably in the morning. These are usually the least busy periods where the hairdresser has a little more time to listen to us and answer questions. We can also visit the lounge we spotted to see the hairdressers at work and the overall atmosphere of the show.

Coloring? Chopped off? Regardless of the care required, putting your hair in the hands of a hairdresser requires a certain amount of confidence. A good hairdresser will put us at ease, ask the key questions so that confidence is at the rendezvous!