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Putting It into One’s Body Means Something


When we talk about certain things that may be considered as debatable and controversial, there is a barrier and a limit that we set for ourselves in that very conversation and debate of moral and ethical grounds. We do not cross that limit and choose to avoid crossing that limit with others so that they do not do it either. There is something comforting about the aspect of morality and ethics in the society that we live in today. Everything seems to be with a moral and ethical check to it. There is a moral and ethical date stamped on everything that we do. Without that said date, we consider the topic, thing, or person something of an outcast and that should be dismissed as Peter dismissed knowing Jesus. If for one second we dismiss all that needless moral and ethical codes, then we can see what is really going on in our lives and we can analyse each and everything without having to reply on things like the values and focus more on our conscience and if there is a green light from that then we can move forward. This is the same in all cases, from injectable steroids to murder, rape and many more things that we do not do because they are morally and ethically wrong not because we do not want to do it.

The Real Change

Things only change in people and becomes something that no one ever does or prevents things from happening is when their own conscience tells them that it is wrong and not because the law says or because there will be severe consequences from their actions. A professional bodybuilder could walk into an anabolic pharmacy and buy some of his regularly stuff and no one would feel that it’s wrong unless the law says so and not because someone else has proven that it has severe effects to the human body and to the people around them. Drugs like cocaine and heroin or acid cause the same effects but the government are not going crazy to stop them from rampaging so why the hassle for anabolic steroids when they have not been proven in any sort of study to have any kind of an adverse effect on the human body.


So the next time you read about a newspaper article or an online article about the effects of steroids on the human body, please take a note that it is not the actual science and evidence based facts that are the source of those articles, but the morally and ethically riddled editors of those columns that think they need to do social service and clean the society.