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Some Classic Chicken Curry Recipes

Chicken Curry Recipes

Chicken is one of the most-preferred meats all over the world. Large varieties of recipes are prepared with chicken in different cuisines. Chicken dishes can be prepared with gravy or without gravy.

Chicken gravy recipe is alternatively known as chicken curry. Curry is a part and parcel of Indian cuisine. Different regions feature different tradition and style of preparing chicken curry. For non-vegetarians, chicken curry is an all-time favourite and one of the most preferred dishes. Chicken curry can be coupled with plain rice, ghee rice, garam masala rice, jeera rice, Biryani rice, mint pudina pulao, plain paratha, phulka, roti, naan or butter naan. A comforting Raita or one full plate of cucumber, onion, carrot, or lemon wedges will make a great accompaniment to your meal.

Both of the cuisines of North India and South India have some classic chicken gravy dishes. Some of the mouth-watering chicken curry preparations are discussed as follows:

Simple Chicken Gravy Preparation: It is a quick, easy, and very scrumptious basic curry prepared with simple ingredients. You do not need to perform grinding tasks or include coconut. This recipe is very famous among the students, bachelors as well as new cooks. It makes a great accompaniment to plain rice along with few sliced onions.

Butter Chicken: It is a very popular, rich, and delicious Indian chicken preparation originated from the Punjabi cuisine. You can make butter chicken even if you dont own an oven or grill at your home. Gravy is a significant part that makes this recipe a classic one. Fresh ingredients are important to make this recipe a perfect one.

Chicken Butter Masala: This restaurant-style dish is a popular version of the evergreen Punjabi Butter Chicken. The authentic version takes significant time to prepare; however, you can also follow a quick method in case of time shortage. This absolutely creamy, extremely flavourful, and incredibly delicious chicken delicacy is suitable for parties and occasions.

Andhra Kodi Kura: It is an easy-to-prepare chicken curry recipe prepared in Andhra style. This spicy and hot chicken recipe is prepared in conventional Telugu homes. You can serve this amazing curry with plain rice accompanied by onion raita. Beginners can also make this recipe in less time.

Pepper Chicken Masala: It is extremely flavourful hot and spicy chicken gravy preparation cooked with fresh ground pepper masala. During the chilly winters or monsoon, pepper chicken masala is a must-have dish. It can be made with different variations like dry, semi-dry, or gravy dish as per your taste. It makes a great accompaniment to roti or plain rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala: It is one of the precious recipes from North Indian cuisine. This recipe is about Cubes of grilled meat with onion tomato masala gravy. Most of the tikka recipes require grilling in a tandoor or an oven. However, you can also prepare this mouth-watering dish by utilizing a tawa.

There are also various other chicken recipes present in various cuisines. You can try chicken gravy recipe in your home as well by properly following their recipes.