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Things that you need to know before you get a bone marrow transplant

A bone marrow transplant is often advised to those whose body has lost the capacity or is on the verge of losing the capacity to produce healthy blood cells. The marrow, which there in the bone, is the most essential part of the production of blood because this is the place, where the blood cells of the body are produced.

Anybody can develop diseases which might eventually require a bone marrow transplant. If you know someone who is suffering from blood cancer or leukaemia, has sickle cell anime or serious immune deficiency disorders, then bone marrow transplant can be used as an effective treatment method. You can get hold of a list of bone marrow transplant specialist in india whom you can consult in case a bone marrow transplant is necessary. Here are some of the things that you need to know about this process:

  1. Transplant is the process of replacing something which is degenerating with something new and fresh. Thus during a bone marrow transplant, the old and affected bone marrow of the patient can either be replaced with bone marrow taken from another person or a donor or the affected bone marrow cells might be treated and the news ones can replace the older and diseased ones.
  2. This process is quite a tricky one- not because of how it is performed but because of the risks associated with it. Not everybody can take the strain of a bone marrow transplant, especially if the person is old and hence it cannot be performed in certain cases. A bone marrow transplant comes with a list of risks which one needs to be prepared for when opting for this process. It can lead to organ failure if the body rejects it and eventual death. Hence you need to know the risks associated with this process.
  3. If you are thinking about becoming a bone marrow donor then you need not worry if you have piercing or tattoos on your body. These will not come in your way of becoming a donor. However if you are suffering from any long term disease like sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS then you might not be considered to be eligible for a donor. If you are pregnant then also you will have to wait till the time after your delivery, for you to become a donor.
  4. One of the most essential questions that you need to ask is whether or not a bone marrow transplant is at all necessary in your case and hence for that you need to take two to three opinions from different bone marrow transplant specialist india in order to know the path of treatment that you need to take.
  5. Very often blood related direct siblings are considered to be ideal bone marrow donors for their siblings since they will most likely be a match since they come from the same gene pool.

These are some of the most common factors when it comes to bone marrow transplant that you need to be aware of.