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Why a Stem Cell Therapy is all about?

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells do possess the ability to evolve to different cells in the body. This is whether they are multi potent or pluri potent. In a way they could be considered to be a repair system and strives till the cells in a person is alive. The moment a stem cell goes on to divide, the daughter cell does pose the ability to remain a stem cell or evolve into another type of cell with a more specialized form of function. This could be in the form of a brain cell or a red blood cell.

In this form of treatment you rely on stem cells to treat certain type of diseases. Normally they could be obtained from the own bone marrow of the patient, umbilical cord or fat. It could lead to the creation of new cells and therefore goes by the name of generative cells as well. The main purpose of stem cell therapy is to rectify or repair the disintegrated cells. During this course of treatment the cells are administered in a systematic manner and high concentrations of it are then incorporated into the damaged tissue. This is undertaken through the process of self-healing.

The process behind this form of operation is unknown, but it is found out that the stem cell goes on to discharge certain substances that go on to activate the diseased tissue. Most of the scientists agree on the view point that it is has great lifesaving potential and for the treatment or study of various injuries or treatments it could be used as well.

If the doctor is of the view that stem cell therapy is a desired treatment option for you then a detailed plan of treatment may be suggested. Once the patient has agreed to the plan of treatment, then bone marrow extraction would be called for. Since it is considered to be a minimal invasive procedure, so it is important that patients do not resort to any blood thinning medicines 10 days before the surgery does take place. It is suggested that you do consult your doctor before you stop any course of medicines.

The bone marrow is extracted from the hips of a patient. Roughly the procedure does take 30 minutes and then local anaesthesia is provided to the patient and this is the area where puncture is likely to be made. Then a thin needle is administered and around 150 to 200 ml of the bone marrow. When local anesthesia is administered is provided, could be slightly painful, but the patient in no way is going to feel the extraction of the bone marrow in any way.

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